Friday, June 22 • 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Soul Talks (All Welcome) FULL

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Soul Talks & Welcome Session: All welcome
with your Hostess, Elizabeth Beeds and featuring these incredible speakers:

* Get Lost...and Find Yourself! with Bonita Summers
* Imaginal Awakening with ImaNaviah Rose
* Business Magnet-You! with Christine Patton  
* Power of Belief with Steven Banks
* Embracing Vulnerability with Tammie Oram
* Optimal Health with Sheryl Yaremco
* Aligning with Lasting Love with Shaeah Love
* Musical performance with singer/songwriter Theda Phoenix

Find out more about each of the offering continue to read below.

Get Lost...and Find Yourself! with Bonita Summers. Take the First Courageous Step to Finding Yourself. It’s good to get lost! If you always know where you are, you’re probably standing still. Stepping into the unknown is a necessary part of our spiritual growth, much to the ego’s dismay! The ego wants to keep you in the familiar, so it will always take you back to where you've already been - the same dissatisfying relationships, careers and living situations. To go somewhere new, to find out who you really are, it's important to let go of your outmoded ideas, and dwell in the unknown long enough for new information to arise. This process can be unsettling, but it leads to profound realizations!

Learn why it's a necessary and important step on the spiritual path to drop willingly into the unknown. We can read many books and attend countless workshops, but ultimately, we have to sit down and do the spiritual work. In this talk, we get down to the nitty gritty of what it means to actually walk the spiritual path into our deepest awareness. This talk and Saturday's workshop will give you the understanding and the tools needed to fully utilize this weekend's teachings, so that we can truly deepen in awareness and connect with our innate wisdom.

Imaginal Awakening with ImaNaviah Rose.  A Global Phenomenon.
In Nature, Imaginal Cells in a caterpillar awaken against all odds and despite attacks by the (immune)system, they activate in greater numbers carrying the genome for an entirely new species. They activate as individuals and eventually find each other to create communities, overwhelming the current system. During this time of great global and cultural transformation there exists Imaginal Beings, ones that carry the codes for a new stage in humanity, a new way of harmonizing with the Earth and each other. The time of metamorphic evolution is here!
Business Magnet-You! with Christine Patton. How to Draw Customers to You.
Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking about how to attract business. If you’d like to know how to be wildly successful, with grace and ease…listen up! There is a saying, “There are leaders, and there are those who lead.” What is it about some people that draws us to them and makes us want what they have, or have to sell? Come and learn the 5- step sales process, and 5 theories supporting being the best, most powerful and attractive version of yourself, to draw more customers and clients to you…with grace and ease!
Power of Belief with Steven Banks.
Steven will speak about two aspects of ourselves that are imperative to understand in order to liberate ourselves from limiting perceptions that lead to fear and self sabotage. I will also talk about 4 ways to apply this knowledge to experience immediate change in your life leading to masterful manifestation.
Embracing Vulnerability with Tammie Oram. Intimate connection creates safety to show vulnerablility.
When we embrace and share our vulnerabilities we give space for others to do the same; if we willingly share our deepest fears, our weaknesses, our times of inner critic this sharing allows emphatic relationships to grow and develop into incredible strengths. This allows true connection within the safety of emphatic relationships where trust grows and where there is trust you will find love and joy.
Optimal Health with Sheryl Yaremco. Optimizing your Immune System.
Facing a wall of Supplements?  Don't know how to get the best bang for the buck and buy the most EFFECTIVE supplement and Get the Best Value for your dollar?   This Soul talk will be a short and sweet SUPPLEMENTS 101  Support your Immune System and Get more Energy!
Aligning with Lasting Love with Shaeah Love. You've probably heard and maybe even know deep down that 'you are love' and yet the experience of love can come and go depending on how we think, what we feel, who we're with and what we do. It is up to you to keep love alive and well. In a dynamic and engaging way, Shaeah will share her wisdom about what it takes to align with love and keep it expanding both within yourself and in your relationships, resulting in ever expanding joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.  
Theda Phoenix is a sacred sound channel, intuitive singer, songwriter and recording artist from Vancouver.  She uses Crystal Singing Bowls, Buffalo Drum, Harp and Guitar to create music for meditation, yoga and overall wellness. She performs for events and conferences with international speakers who have included Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Joe Dispenza.  She has several studio albums in a wide range of genres.  Her unique gift of improvising healing music and channeling songs inspires a deep connection to the heart and spirituality of the human experience, reminding listeners of their own inner guidance and connection with source energy.


NOTE: if you are on the waitlist for this session - you can come and line up. Once everyone else is seated we will do our best to squeeze you in! It might be standing room ;) 

avatar for Steven  Banks

Steven Banks

PSYCH-K with Steven Banks
Steven  Banks  is  a  fully  certified  PSYCH-K  facilitator  and  can  help  you  clear  a  path  through  those  “roadblocks”  to  a  new  place  of  expanded  potential  in  every  area  of  your  life.
avatar for Elizabeth Beeds

Elizabeth Beeds

Interior Wellness Magazine
Elizabeth Beeds been a spiritual entrepreneur for over 25 years. She created Interior Wellness Magazine and the Interior Wellness Festival and Mountain Spirit Festival. She's also been a holistic practitioner (in about a dozen different modalities including massage, herbal healing... Read More →
avatar for Shaeah Love

Shaeah Love

Shaeah Love is a certified coach, author & inspirational speaker. She has been facilitating women’s groups, conscious relating workshops and people's awakening since 2003. As a sacred relationship coach, Shaeah mentors single women to own their power, claim their worth and boost... Read More →
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Tammie Oram

Tammie Oram is the visionary behind Nourish Wellness Centre. As a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner and a Pilates Instructor, she embraces the Holistic Model in her private practice. She and her husband have been together for over... Read More →
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Christine Patton

Founder, Power Within
Christine Patton works with athletes, businesses and individuals to perform their best, on a consistent level. After spending fifteen years as a litigation lawyer and Deputy Judge, Christine is well aware of the stress that high achievers experience as they drive forward in their... Read More →
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Theda Phoenix

Theda (Theeda) has been passionate about holistic healing and spirituality for over 20 years, she strives to inspire more beauty, health, wellness and consciousness on the planet, helping to create a more sustainable world for all beings.She helps raise this vibration through her... Read More →
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Ima Naviah Rose

ImaNaviah Rose has been described as “a tremendous channel for healing and activation.” Facilitator – Artist – Muse – Mystic - Mother – Catalyst - Her passion for metamorphic evolution and empowerment is the driving force inspiring her life’s path and medicine journey... Read More →
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Bonita Summers

Spirit Kelowna
Speaker: Bonita Summers  A psychic life and business coach offering strategies to address issues in the workplace and personal relationships.As a former crisis worker, Bonita provides support for stress, and techniques for overcoming anxiety. Bonita has 25 years of experience as... Read More →
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Sheryl Yaremco

Tru HealthSpan Integrative Care
Sheryl Yaremco is a  Integrative Health Practitioner and Registered Nurse. TruHealthSpan is affiliated with Pratts Pharmacy and provides private personalized comprehensive health care to clients all over the province. After many years in Critical Care Nursing, Sheryl followed her... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Hearthstone Hotel: Morrisey Room

Attendees (100)

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