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Aligning Serenity

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♥ Outdoor Market Saturday ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Clocktower Square  
As a person who has been on my own path to wellness, and as a mother, a wife and business owner, I understand that there is not just one way to view health and well-being.  There is not just one stream of knowledge and understanding for the human body and mind.  We are complex beings, with many layers and levels.  Understanding how the mind works, the power of belief systems in our subconscious, and how they affect the whole body/mind complex is a place to start your journey on your path to wellness.  As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, a Positive Self-Talk Coach and a Reiki master, with 17 years experience in energy medicine, I will guide and support you in shifting your beliefs, re-establishing connections to whole body/mind and overall wellness.  I am passionate and committed to collaboratively supporting you in gaining self-awareness skills and understanding about what brings balance, peace and joy to your life. I look so forward to connecting with you.