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Healing Tree Harmonics

Exhibit Locations:
♥ Outdoor Market Saturday ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Clocktower Square  
♥ Outdoor Market Sunday ~ 9:30am - 1:30pm ~ Clocktower Square  

Beginning with unpasteurized "RAW" unfiltered honey and Alpha/DME coconut oil powerful "Superfoods" and "Superherbs" are blended. Examples are: goji, acai, aronia, baobab, avocado seed, moringa, maca, aloe vera, haritaki, arjuna, schizandra, chaga mushroom & hemp seed. A small example of ingredients that are blended with a minimum of 12 for each honey blend. Pollen blends include Canadian, Spanish, Jarrah bee pollens, Pine & Tea pollen and Oman Frankincense. 48 hour Steeping Teas include chaga mushroom , green Rooibus, Borututu, rose petal & hibiscus. Products are harmonized for 30 days in an EMF free environment. Intention: vibrations for good health and happiness.