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Lisa Watson

Energy medicine and has opened up a new world for me. This career has asked me to be alive, constantly intuiting the highest truth, the deepest narrative, the most integral way I can be of service in the world.– A unique, genius script, never to be retold.

I would say I am deep, funny, a bit silly at times, complex and creative, my highest purpose to be of service to people, plants, animals, our earth – All the beings, to use the wisdom I found in the depth and darkness to draw others into the light.

Although I have always loved health and fitness my career with the physical body started as a Personal fitness trainer in 2013 when I opened up my own fitness facility. It was shortly after  that I started to realize that being healthy was not just about taking care of the physical body and I began to be curious about the mind-body connection that people claimed to find in yoga.

I began my journey with energy medicine when I became a certified Yoga teacher in 2015 at which time I also learned about the Chakra system. I immediately began studying the Psychology of the Chakras. As I continued to learn about how people can heal their own mind and body by balancing their own energy I discovered Touch For Health Kinesiology which  provides the science and the tools for healing.  I combine several modalities including Yoga, Chakras, Kinesiology and Eden Energy Medicine  to help people find balance within their own bodies. My approach to health is holistic with consideration of all aspects of health and wellness to create an overall wellness of mind, body and soul.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, June 24